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Taking direct action for domestic violence services.

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  • Scottish Survivors are Locked Out & Locked Up

    Last night Sisters Uncut Edinburgh posted several hundred posters across the city, to highlight the impact of austerity on survivors of violence and the specialist services they need. Scotland has the second highest women’s prison population in Northern Europe, and domestic violence has been repeatedly highlighted as a key driver for imprisonment. Survivors are being […]

  • Press release: Domestic violence protesters crash BAFTA red carpet to call “Time’s Up” on Theresa May

    Feminist protest group best known for storming the red carpet at the 2015 film premiere of ‘Suffragette’ Sisters Uncut are drawing attention to Theresa May’s domestic violence policies, which they say are a “dangerous distraction” that will leave survivors “locked up in prison, locked out of refuges, and locked in to violent relationships.” Inspired by […]

  • The criminal justice system perpetuates violence: we need a better solution

    CN: Serial murder, domestic abuse, misogyny Recent media coverage of the murders of two women highlights the failure of the criminal justice system to protect domestic violence survivors. Last week in London the killer of Angela Best, her former partner Theodore Johnson, was  imprisoned for 26 years. The Old Bailey heard that Angela was the […]

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  • 2 women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner

  • 1 in 2 survivors turned away from refuge

  • refuge funding cut by 1/4 since 2010