Sisters Uncut

Taking direct action for domestic violence services.

Solidarity statement with Maria Mbombo

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

North London Sisters Uncut would like to express our solidarity with the family of Maria Mbombo.

Shortly after midday on Thursday 19th May 2016, Maria was murdered as a result of domestic violence. Details about her death are still emerging, but what is clear is that this is another case of fatal violence against women.

All survivors of domestic violence should be able to access the support they need to flee abuse and live safely, without risk of death. But the government has cut services that could have saved Maria’s life. This leaves them underfunded and unable to take in the those who need their help; in Camden, where Maria lived, refuges are forced to turn away 70% of women fleeing domestic violence because there is not enough space. The destruction of life-saving services, particularly specialist ones, constitutes state violence against women and non-binary people.

Women of colour, migrant women and those facing other, often multiple, oppressions are disproportionately affected by domestic violence. And each murder is devastating.

To those who knew and loved Maria; know that we stand in solidarity with you. Know that we fight for you. Know that we will not give up until the government acts to provide the support and funding that women like Maria need to flee from domestic violence.