Sisters Uncut

Taking direct action for domestic violence services.

5 ways male allies can support Sisters Uncut

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our actions and meetings are safe spaces and we ask men not to attend. If you are a man and want to support your Sisters in our fight against brutal cuts to domestic violence services, here are 5 ways to help:

  1. Financially. We rely on donations to continue our campaign. Every penny goes towards future organising and direct actions. Donate via our Paypal here.

  2. In the media. Journalists: pitch articles about domestic violence to your editors. Editors: commission more articles about domestic violence. We believe that people care deeply about violence against women and we need to keep up a public dialogue that is impossible for the government to ignore.
  3. Recruitment. Tell your sisters about us! Our meetings and actions are open to all women (trans, intersex and cis) non-binary people and all those who experience oppression as a woman.
  4. By sharing our messages. Social media is a vital tool in the fight against the government’s dangerous propaganda machine. Don’t let George Osbourne’s nonsensical rhetoric win out. Austerity is killing women, and we outline how in these articles:
  5. By talking to other men. Talk to men about violence against women. Take feminist conversations into male spaces. Use your privilege to change social norms and the acceptability of violence against women.

Your Sisters thank you for your solidarity and support.